Yes to Today!

Everything about living the city can seem so overwhelming. The multitudes of people and plenty of opportunities to be overstimulated by the sounds, smells, and bright lights. This "comic" if you want to call it that, is nothing more than a series of illustrations that attempt to convey how much of a fever dream stepping out of your door can be. It's still a work in progress, but once it's done I'll be sure to trow up some of my favorite illustrations from the series along wit a short explanation. Happy Birthday!

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No Room for a Marauder

Part 1

Skin like a pickle, mind like  a sponge ( in a bad way), an appetite to rival Kobayashi's. No Room for a Marauder is a chronicling tale of woe  for a mutant by the name of Dertog. This is his journey home after being deemed too hard to look at by his peers, then exiled to an unfamiliar land too far to walk back from.

In this chapter of the story, Dertog has been abducted by the few remaining inhabitants of the deserts surrounding a mysterious, evil witch castle prison thing. Will he survive the experience? Will he make it home in one piece? Will he get snacks along the way?

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 Radiation Brain is a tale of two waste-cases who tend to not stop and smell the roses. Unbeknownst to them, they've stumbled onto the underbelly that works beneath their town. Will they survive this discovery?

This comic is being printied in a sci-fi quaterly book called Floating Head. It's Kickstarter is still running if you're interested. 


Bleeding Cool Article


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